Non-Executive Search

Today’s boardroom must fully reflect and support a company’s corporate entity, its values and direction. At Opus Executive Partners we appreciate the unique governance challenges our clients can face under different jurisdictions and the specific solutions they need.

Our Partners have conducted Chairman and Board appointments for over 30 years, strengthening structures, diversifying composition and improving overall governance. They understand the complex relationships and pressures between Board members, management and shareholders, and are well versed in corporate governance, regulation, and liaising with key stakeholders.

We help our clients define the role, skills, and expectations for new board members, ensuring that our candidates have exceptional knowledge, character, judgment and high degrees of accountability, integrity and independence. From initial board assessments to candidate appointments and remuneration advice, we provide board-level resourcing solutions that deliver tangible value.

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Managing Partner
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"I value the services that Opus has provided me with. Having a professional search firm that specialises in Natural Resources is invaluable in today’s competitive marketplace for Board skills."

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—John H Johnson

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